Virtual Care FAQs

Virtual care is a convenient way to see your provider from the comfort of home, completed securely through a mobile device or computer. Virtual care is a safe and convenient option in many situations, but not required.

Virstual Visits FAQs

Scheduling Options

You can call 1-855-FAIRVIEW or use MyChart to schedule an in-person, telephone, or video visit. 

Virtual Visit FAQs

Information for after your visit

What you should know after your virtual visit experience.

What happens after my visit?

Just like an in-office visit, the provider can send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice, order lab tests, or recommend follow-up appointments after a video, phone or eVisit. Someone will help schedule any required follow-up care at the end of the virtual visit or through a phone call afterward.

Follow-Up Care

If, during any type of virtual visit, it is determined that you need to come into the clinic to have your health concern addressed, we will schedule an in-person visit, and you will NOT be billed for the virtual visit.