Thrower's Program

The thrower's injury program at M Health Fairview aims to return injured athletes to their sport at or above their previous level of performance. 

Specialties related to this treatment:

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With an understanding of the unique mechanical requirements of throwing, our physical therapists develop an individualized treatment plan to improve strength, mobility, and throwing mechanics to prevent further injury.

Our Approach

A comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation will help our physical therapists determine the cause(s) of injury, along with any other contributing factors. A comprehensive video analysis will also be used to evaluate the athlete's throwing or pitching motion.

Individualized treatment programs include:

  • A rehabilitation plan to promote soft tissue recovery and healing 
  • Specialized stretching and flexibility exercises to improve mobility and prevent re-injury 
  • Strengthening exercises to correct muscle imbalance and weakness 
  • Shoulder blade stability exercises to improve throwing performance and reduce shoulder strain 
  • Drills to build throwing motion, speed, and power 
  • Specialized throwing exercises 
  • Body awareness training to teach athletes to recognize the warning signs of abnormal body positions or movements that could lead to injury 
  • Self-care techniques to prevent further injury and maintain throwing performance

To make an appointment with a throwing specialist, please call 612-672-7100. Questions for a throwing specialist? Please call 612-672-7929.

Locations that offer this treatment

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