Nutrition Works Program


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A comprehensive nutrition program designed specifically for University of Minnesota Health Cancer Care patients

Nutrition is important throughout the cancer treatment process. People with cancer often need to choose foods that may be different from foods in their regular diet. When you have cancer, it’s essential to keep up your strength and help reduce the side effects of treatment.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, in the middle of treatment or are a cancer survivor, our registered dietitians/nutritionists can help you meet your health and personal care goals. We do this through our Nutrition Works program.

Nutrition Works is a comprehensive nutrition program designed to help your body heal faster and help you learn a new lifestyle and eating pattern.

Our Approach

Getting started

First, you need to discuss Nutrition Works with your doctor because it’s recommended that you have a referral from your provider to schedule an appointment with the Nutrition Works team. Once you have a referral, your provider’s clinic staff can help you schedule an appointment with a Nutrition Works team member. Or, you can schedule an appointment using the phone numbers listed in the locations tab.

Insurance Coverage and Financial Support

Many insurance plans will cover nutrition counseling when ordered by a medical provider. Please ask your provider or nurse care coordinator for a referral. Financial support is available to University of Minnesota Health Cancer Care patients who do not have insurance coverage for medical nutrition therapy.

Care Team

At your appointment, you will meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian/nutritionist who will provide medical nutrition therapy and develop a personal nutrition plan to meet your health and treatment needs.

During a nutrition consultation, you will learn:

  • About your cancer treatment, eating well and how to manage the side effects of cancer treatments
  • Ways to cope with common eating problems during treatment
  • How to identify feelings that can affect appetite
  • Specific food and drink options to include in your diet

Cancer Survivors

Once you have completed treatment, Nutrition Works can help you with healthy eating and nutrition based on your needs and goals such as:

  • Weight management
  • Knowing more about diet and cancer risk factors
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Digestive problems
  • Diabetes

Continuing support is important to success, so our Nutrition Works team members are available for follow up consultation at your convenience.

Locations that offer this treatment

Call your preferred location to schedule an appointment or submit an online request.