Nordic Ski Program

Our physical therapists understand the unique demands of Nordic skiing when treating the injured skier, both in and out of season. 

Specialties related to this treatment:

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We’ve developed a specialized Nordic ski rehabilitation program that takes into consideration the specific elements and demands of the sport when recovering from both acute and chronic injuries. No matter what type of skier you are — recreational, competitive, or elite — we can help you heal.

Our Approach

Nordic ski program treatment plans may include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation, including assessment of joint mechanics, identifying muscle imbalances, and analyzing stability and control with dynamic ski-specific movement testing 
  • A skier-specific rehabilitation program focused on improving joint mechanics and movement coordination, normalizing muscle function, increasing strength and power, and developing ski mechanics efficiency
  • A video analysis assessment to evaluate technical aspects of skiing, both on and off snow
    Ski-specific exercise program to improve muscle balance and strength, flexibility, power, coordination, and technique

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Related services
Our running program can provide a video analysis of your running gait and analyze your footwear. To schedule an appointment, call 612-672-7100

Our specialized team of physical therapists can provide educational lectures for groups. Available topics include: 

  • Prevention of Nordic ski injuries
  • The role of the core muscles and importance in Nordic skiing
  • Dry land training for Nordic skiing

AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill
Are you trying to reach a new level in your Nordic performance? Cross-train by spending time off of your skis. Walk or run on our anti-gravity treadmill. The AlterG's ability to reduce your weight bearing allows you to work out harder for longer. You can increase your endurance without increasing the amount of stress on your joints.

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