McKenzie Method of MDT

Mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) is a philosophy of care that includes active patient involvement and education. It is an evidenced-based approach that is trusted and used by practitioners and patients all over the world for neck, back, and extremity problems.

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MDT’s key distinction is the initial assessment component: a safe and reliable way to make an accurate diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan.

Our Approach

What you can expect?
First, an MDT provider will conduct a thorough history and testing of repeated movements to identify patterns of pain and response. Then you will be prescribed one or two specific exercises or positions to perform based on your response. These will be performed frequently throughout the day in the direction of movement that was found to provide pain relief and improve your mobility. You may also be asked to focus on correcting your posture and avoid activities that aggravate your pain.

Why use MDT?

  • Backed by research, evidence, and practice
  • Low-cost, fast, and effective response to care, even for chronic pain
  • Noninvasive and self-directed — we work with you and teach you how to be in control of your own symptoms
  • Gain lifelong pain management and preventative skills
  • Promote the body’s potential to heal itself
To schedule an appointment with an MDT provider, please call 612-672-7100.

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