ASTYM treatment combines physical activity and exercise with instrument-assisted manual therapy to aid in the recovery from a variety of injuries. ASTYM treatment has helped many people by restoring their movement, getting rid of their pain, and allowing them to get back to normal activities.

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Why use ASTYM treatment?

The ASTYM process stimulates the body to regenerate and remodel tissues and can help resolve tough, even chronic cases. It is often successful in cases where other forms of treatment have failed. It also allows patients to stay active during treatment.

Our Approach

After conducting a thorough evaluation, an ASTYM provider will use instruments to initiate a regenerative process that encourages the reabsorption of scar tissue and the regeneration of damaged soft tissue. The provider will treat the painful areas and any surrounding areas that may contribute to your condition.

During ASTYM treatment you are typically encouraged to continue most normal activities. Following treatment, you may notice bruising and/or soreness to touch. This does not last long, and we encourage you to drink lots of water on treatment days. You will also receive custom-designed stretches and an exercise program to help your body rebuild the healthy tissue and allow you to return to an active lifestyle.

A typical course of treatment lasts four to eight weeks.

Conditions We Treat

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