Heart Transplant

A U.S. Department of Human Services 2010 Transplant Program Award for one-year post-transplant survival rate — the only Minnesota program to receive the honor.

Specialties related to this treatment:

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Those suffering advanced heart failure have the odds stacked against them. To beat those odds, M Health Fairview Transplant Care has performed over 900 high survival, heart transplants – making us one of the world’s longest running heart transplant providers.

Our Approach

If your treatment involves a heart transplant, you can feel confident knowing that our program is one of the best. Our program is one of the longest running heart transplant programs in the world and is one of only a few in the United States to accept older heart donors and older, high-risk recipients, giving many more men and women a second chance at life.

If you come to us for a heart transplant, we will establish a multidisciplinary team to work with you. This team includes a coordinator, a cardiologist, a surgeon, a neuropsychologist, a social worker, and a dietitian. We also have many additional services available to you, including housing, transportation, and emotional support for you and your family. We also will support you with long-term follow-up and survivorship studies.

Most of our patients leave the hospital fewer than two weeks after their transplant. Our physicians are involved in many heart failure and ventricular assist device clinical trials, keeping our team on the forefront of new treatment options, and we are one of the few sites in the United States approved to train surgeons in transplant technologies.

Our pioneering research has dramatically improved survival rates and post-transplant quality of life. Our clinical trials give qualifying patients access to the latest therapies under review.

Conditions We Treat

Our surgeons perform heart transplants to treat many conditions that can’t be helped with medications or other therapies. These include:

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