Breast Reconstruction

Following a mastectomy or lumpectomy to treat breast cancer, many women choose to have reconstructive breast surgery to recreate the appearance and shape of one or both their breasts. 

Specialties related to this treatment:

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Our plastic surgeons offer the latest reconstructive options, tailored to the needs and wishes of each patient. Our team of dedicated surgeons at M Health Fairview works closely with a multidisciplinary group of providers to deliver comprehensive and compassionate cancer care.

Our Approach

At M Health Fairview, we pride ourselves on offering individualized, patient-focused breast reconstructive care for all women. Our surgeons believe every breast reconstruction is unique and work with each patient to develop a treatment plan together as a team.

In addition to providing world-class surgical care, our surgeons are scientists, passionate about advancing their field and constantly working on the next innovation. Their collaboration with other care centers and private industry professionals allows us to continually improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

The main options for breast reconstruction include:
  • Autologous Breast Reconstruction
    Also known as a tissue flap procedure, this option uses a patient’s own tissue from another area of their body — such as the abdomen, thigh or back — to form a new breast. Our surgeons offer multiple autologous options, including TRAM flaps, DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator) flaps and Latissimus flaps.

  • Implant Reconstruction
    This option uses an implant filled with silicone gel or saline (salt water) to create a new breast. Our surgeons typically perform staged expander-based reconstructions, in which a temporary “expander” is placed first and then inflated over time like a balloon to make space for the permanent implant. They will also use a direct implant placement procedure — also known as a Direct To Implant (DTI) procedure — in appropriate candidates.

  • Fat Grafting
    In this technique, fat is removed from the abdomen or thighs with liposuction and then re-injected in the breast(s) to fill small defects or contour irregularities. This is usually done after the main breast reconstruction is completed.

  • Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
    In addition to breast reconstruction, many women also choose to have their nipple and areola reconstructed to make the reconstructed breast look more natural and complete. We offer multiple options to our patients, including traditional surgical techniques and 3D nipple-areola tattoos — a novel approach that mimics the appearance of a projecting nipple without the need for surgery.

Conditions We Treat

Conditions include deformity, congenital breast asymmetry, Poland Syndrome, as well as:

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