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Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Speech therapy helps children communicate in everyday life. 

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Our speech-language pathologists build compassionate relationships with our patients and their families, offering personalized therapies at conveniently located clinics across the Twin Cities metro area – more than any other health system. If your child is having difficulty communicating with others – whether the problem results from speech, language, cognition, or voice – we can help. 

Our Approach

Did you know that mouth or throat abnormalities that cause speech issues may also cause feeding difficulties? Our speech-language pathologists can also help your child with feeding issues caused by medical conditions. 

Our team of speech-language pathologists will evaluate your child and design a customized therapy plan that fits your child’s needs. Areas of focus may include:

  • Alternative communication methods, such as electronic devices and sign language
  • Tests to measure how well your child hears and understands words/sounds
  • Aural (hearing) rehabilitation to help children with hearing loss (including children with cochlear implants) learn to understand sounds and develop spoken language
  • Behavior management and social communication
  • Speaking clearly (articulation)
  • Disfluency/stuttering
  • Executive function, including memory, new learning, problem-solving, attention to task
  • Feeding issues
  • Reading comprehension
  • Language delays
  • Voice quality and use
  • Written expression

In addition to therapy offered at our outpatient clinics, our speech-language pathology team will develop a home therapy program for you to use at home with your child. Your child’s customized speech therapy plan may include:

  • Child- and family-centered care with parent involvement
  • Play-based activities with modeling and prompting of language at age-appropriate level
  • Skilled support and hands-on techniques to guide your child in learning new skills or regaining skills
  • Instruction and recommendations for home practice
  • Individualized motivation based on what works for your child
  • Video swallow studies


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Treatments, Tests, and Programs

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

If your child has issues with speech, language, cognition or voice, our therapists are here to help. Speech-language pathologists are therapist specially trained to work with your child to improve the ability to communicate with others.
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Pediatric Feeding Program

M Health Fairview offers our Pediatric Feeding Program, and we're committed to providing you with personalized, breakthrough care.
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Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation Program

M Health Fairview offers our Pediatric Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation Program, one of the country’s largest pediatric otolaryngology/audiology programs.
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NICU Follow-Up Program

M Health Fairview offers our NICU Follow-Up Program. Our providers specialize in personalized, family-centered care for the smallest babies and the most complex cases.
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There may be other treatments, test, and procedures for this diagnosis, including:

  • Assistive Devices
  • Voice Therapy
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