Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help people of all ages return to the activities of daily life after injury, developmental disorders, illness ,or surgery. These everyday activities may include dressing, bathing, home management skills, and leisure activities.

Please note that a doctor's order would be required for this service.

Our Approach

Our occupational therapists can assess your home environment and suggest modifications to make it safer for you. They will teach you coping skills and suggest ways to modify tasks so that you can be more independent.

M Health Fairview occupational therapists:

– Assess your home environment and recommend modifications or adaptive equipment to maximize safety
– Help you regain use if you have arm and hand problems. This can include creating a custom splint, helping to manage a scar or wound and increasing strength and coordination
– Assess cognitive abilities (thinking/reasoning/judgment) and safety. They teach ways to change how you do things to make up for lost abilities
– Create home exercise programs to increase your strength and endurance with daily routines
– Teach you how to modify tasks and equipment for increased independence
– Teach coping skills if you have low vision
– Provide specialized programs such as industrial rehabilitation/work conditioning and edema/lymphedema treatment Improve developmental skills
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