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Express Lab

Consumers are increasingly making their own health care decisions. M Health Fairview Express Lab offers you easy access to testing, without a doctor’s order, which can help you monitor your own health.

Talk to your care provider about tests that do need a doctor’s order. Or, call M Health Fairview On-Call at 612-672-7272. They will help you find a doctor if you do not have one.

Our Approach

M Health Fairview Express Lab offers a menu of lab tests with no appointment or doctor's order needed. You choose the tests you need and the lab location that’s most convenient for you. Our labs are licensed and accredited by federal and regulatory agencies, ensuring accurate test results.

We will do the testing as often as you like. This allows:
  • Testing if you are away from home and your provider network.
  • Testing more often than a health plan allows.
  • Testing in private with private test results.
  • Less cost to you if you are uninsured or are insured only for major medical (catastrophic) events.


Listed are the services we provide:

Specialties related to this treatment: