Listening to learn, Learning to act

While issues of racial and social injustice are not new, we acknowledge that a lot of people have spent time sharing their insights and ideas in the past without feeling heard or seeing much change. We believe we can learn from what has been previously said and that it is meaningful to spend time listening right now about who we are, what our experiences are, and what is needed from M Health Fairview at this point.

HOPE Commission Plan

In the Fall of 2020, our goal is to engage thousands of employees, patients, and community members. We will do so through direct outreach, facilitated conversations, surveys, team huddles, leadership meetings, and a variety of communications channels, with a particular focus on hearing from our most impacted stakeholders. This outreach effort will be integrated with our existing employee forums, triennial Community Health Needs Assessment, and ongoing patient engagement processes. The process will clarify what priorities should be elevated in 2021, identify how stakeholders wish to engage and be informed, and outline a direction for moving forward together. We’ll be asking about how we’re doing on inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility, and how we can do better.

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