Our community commitment – creating a healthier future

Improving the health and wellbeing of our communities

The healthcare people receive in a hospital or clinic is only a small part of a person’s overall health. That’s why our commitment to advancing health equity goes beyond the walls of our facilities and reaches out into the community.

We collaborate with community partners to improve health and wellbeing and advance health equity. Our priorities include:

Why is this a priority for our healthcare system? Nearly 80 percent of health is influenced by factors outside of clinical care. These factors, called the social determinants of health, are our health behaviors and the economic and social conditions in which we live.

To help address the social determinants of health, we are creating a health and wellness hub in downtown St. Paul that will focus on health, housing, and supportive services for the community. 

All this work is closely tied to our HOPE Commission’s health equity and anti-racism efforts. It’s designed to be culturally appropriate and to meet the specific needs of the community. We seek to do “with” and not “to” the communities we belong to and are proud to contribute to our community in so many ways.

Community Benefit Report

This report celebrates the impact we’ve made across the state of Minnesota. The focus of our health and wellbeing work each year is guided by our community health needs assessments, designed collaboratively with the communities we serve, and implemented in partnership with community organizations and leaders. This process helps inform where our investments will make the greatest impact on health and wellbeing and health equity.
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Community Classes

Free classes focused on improving health and wellbeing.

Local Health Needs

Our plans to address the health concerns of our neighbors.

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Supporting local organizations aligned with our mission.

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