Advancing healthcare equity

To advance healthcare equity, we have to look at what’s happening within our clinics, hospitals, and other care facilities. We want to make sure that all our patients get the best care possible, regardless of race or ethnic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, or whether they live in a rural, suburban, or urban area. At M Health Fairview, we are working to better understand our patient demographics to identify and solve existing disparities. We aim to be a force for change in healthcare.  

Better representation, better data

This year, we updated and expanded the self-identification options on medical forms throughout our health system. We take care of patients from many different backgrounds. Understanding those backgrounds will help us train our staff better and improve our health education materials.
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Better Representation
Ending race based measure

Ending race-based measure of kidney health

For decades, one measurement of kidney health – called eGFR – has been automatically adjusted based on the race of the patient. Black patients had one set of guidelines. Non-Black patients had another. This summer, we ended that practice within our system.
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Committing to vaccine equity

People of color and those with disabilities have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. In 2021, we have provided more than 29,000 free COVID-19 vaccines to underserved communities statewide. But that’s not all. We have been working to improve vaccine access in our communities since 2006, when we helped found the Minnesota Immunization Networking Initiative (MINI).

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committing to vaccine equity