COVID-19 vaccinations require an appointment. Please do not come to a clinic without an appointment. Visit our COVID-19 Resource Hub for updates on appointment availability.

Understanding COVID-19 vaccine criteria

Now vaccinating healthcare workers, individuals 50 years of age and older, people with certain conditions or disabilities, and people of certain races and ethnicities at highest risk

Please note: COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available at this time. We expect these appointments to fill quickly.


There may be additional appointments released throughout the week as some appointments are rescheduled or canceled and we receive additional vaccine. 


M Health Fairview is currently providing COVID-19 vaccines to the following groups:

  • Paid and unpaid healthcare workers who are unable to work remotely

  • All people age 50 and older 

  • People age 16 to 49 with certain high-risk health conditions or disabilities as described in Phase 1B Tier 4 of the state’s plan.

  • People age 16 and older who are members of specific racial or ethnic groups that have experienced disproportionately high rates of COVID-19 infection during the pandemic, including:

  • Black/African

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native

  • Southeast Asian

  • Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian

  • Latinx/Hispanic

  • Due to a statewide vaccine supply shortage, we are not yet vaccinating essential workers or the general public.


COVID-19 vaccine distribution is led by the State of Minnesota. M Health Fairview and other health systems across Minnesota continue to receive a limited supply of the vaccines. As supplies increase, we plan to make vaccines available to more people statewide. Learn more about the state’s vaccine phases here.

In the coming weeks, we will be vaccinating other age groups, in accordance with guidance from state and federal partners.

People who do not meet these criteria do not need to get on a waiting list or make an appointment at this time. Updates will be provided online, on social media, and directly to our patients via email when we are able to start vaccinating more people and we will provide more information at that time for how eligible people can get vaccinated. Moving from one phase to another will depend on vaccine supply and how many people are getting vaccinated, so it is hard to estimate when one phase will end and another will begin.

We appreciate your patience as we work tirelessly to vaccinate as many people as we can ask quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

If you do not currently meet M Health Fairview’s vaccine eligibility criteria, you can visit the state of Minnesota’s COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program website on other locations that may be offering vaccines that you may be eligible to receive.