Liver Cancer

The liver is a large organ that sits in the upper right of your abdomen, beneath your diaphragm. It is about the size of a football and aids your digestion and metabolism. Cancer that starts in the liver is called primary liver cancer. 
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The most common form of primary liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer that begins elsewhere and spreads to the liver is called metastatic cancer and is named for the organ in which it began. Metastatic cancer is more common than primary liver cancer, but all forms of liver cancer can spread very quickly.

Our Approach

Our M Health Fairview care team treats all forms of liver cancer. We provide a wide range of options for the diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer, including laparoscopic, robotic, and reconstruction surgery as well as advanced radiation and chemotherapy.

Patients—who may have thought their treatment options were exhausted—may have access to new, experimental treatments through clinical trials. Many of our physicians are also involved in research through Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, including clinical trials involving a genetically engineered salmonella for the treatment of cancer that has metastasized to the liver.

Treatments, Tests, and Procedures


Chemotherapy is a treatment option for adults or children with cancer using drugs that kill cancer cells. Often simply called “chemo,” chemotherapy is a combination of medications designed to destroy cancer cells, cause remission of your cancer or actually cure the cancer.
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Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to shrink tumors, kill cancer cells, and treat other non-cancerous conditions. Several types of radiation therapy is often used to limit radiation exposure as much as possible while still delivering the optimal outcomes for patients.
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TomoTherapy is a specialized form of radiation delivery that combines radiation therapy with 3D imaging to create more precise targeting of tumors. It works by delivering radiation beams from multiple directions allowing the radiation to match the exact shape of the tumor.
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Social Work Services for Cancer Patients

M Health Fairview offers Social Work Services for Cancer Patients, and we're committed to providing you with personalized, breakthrough care.
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There may be other treatments, test, and procedures for this diagnosis, including:

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Medical Management