Droopy Eyelids

Droopy eyelid, also known as ptosis, happens when in the muscles or nerves that raise the eyelid don't work well. Too much skin on the eyelid also can cause droop. 
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Mild cases of droop don't need treatment. Surgery for adults can improve vision or physical appearance. If it affects your child’s vision, however, your child may need surgery to prevent amblyopia, or lazy eye.

Our Approach

The facial plastic surgery (oculoplastic) experts at the University of Minnesota are board certified eye doctors (ophthalmologists). They have special training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery around the eye. Doctors perform ptosis surgery by putting your child to sleep, or they can use local numbing with something to calm your child. We offer the latest surgical treatments for all types of ptosis.

Many physicians at the University of Minnesota participate in clinical trials. Patients treated here have access to more clinical trials than anywhere else in Minnesota. Our discoveries often become the standard of care around the world. Ask your doctor about a clinical trial for ptosis.

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