Opening April 20, the new M Health Fairview Specialty Care Clinic – Edina is located at 6525 France Ave. S., adjacent to M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital.

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Multispecialty clinic, opening April 20, brings new specialty care services to Edina

A new clinical hub located on the M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital campus will expand the spectrum of care for patients in the south and west metro.

  • April 16, 2021
  • By Staff Writer

Patients in Edina will soon have access to nine new M Health Fairview specialty care services at a facility opening April 20 on the M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital campus.

The M Health Fairview Specialty Care Clinic – Edina will house providers in a range of specialties – from mental health and addiction services to diabetes care and education – expanding our spectrum of care for patients in the Twin Cities metro. Most services provided by the clinic will be new to the market for M Health Fairview in Edina. The new clinic will be open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call 952-848-8890.

While M Health Fairview operates similar multispecialty clinics throughout the state, Specialty Care Clinic Director Jen Elbert said this will be the first of its scale for M Health Fairview in Edina. The clinic will be located in Suite 200 at 6525 France Ave. S.

“We’re excited to expand our multispecialty clinic approach in the south metro community. The new clinic is also next door to M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital,” said Elbert. “If a patient’s care needs to be advanced, the clinic is adjacent to almost any hospital-based care service they would need.”

The new multispecialty clinic is also located next to M Health Fairview Clinic – Edina, which provides primary care. This means that patients will be able to transition easily from their primary care provider to necessary specialized services.

The new clinic will have specialists in:

There are plans to add allergy care to the clinic services later this year. In addition to working in tandem with adjacent M Health Fairview facilities, Elbert said these specialties will coordinate care within the clinic. For example, patients who visit an endocrinologist for diabetes treatment are often referred to see a diabetes care and education specialist as part of their care plan. At this new clinic, those specialized educators will be just down the hallway.

M Health Fairview is committed to providing accessible care, closer to home. Expanding our specialty clinic offerings in Edina will give our patients easier access to the resources they need to take charge of their health.