Over 400 of our physicians were named 2021 "Top Doctors" by Minnesota Monthly, more than in any other health system. Physiatrist Farha Ikramuddin, MD, MPH, was among those recognized.

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Best of the best: Minnesota Monthly honors over 400 of our physicians as 2021 “Top Doctors”

This year, 415 doctors representing 52 medical specialties from across our health system were recognized by Minnesota Monthly as “Top Doctors” — the most of any system statewide.

  • August 26, 2021
  • By Staff Writer

Healthcare has entered a transformational time. On the hospital frontlines, in neighborhoods near you, and at leading-edge research labs, our doctors are rising to meet the moment – shaping the future of medicine while protecting the health of our communities. This August, Minnesota Monthly is recognizing their extraordinary efforts. We are honored to announce that 415 physicians from Fairview, M Physicians, and the independent clinics in our network have been named 2021 “Top Doctors” by the magazine. More of our doctors made this year’s list than any other health system in Minnesota. Our winners represent more than 50 different medical specialties.


Minnesota Monthly has published the “Top Doctors” list since 2014. To assemble the 2021 “Top Doctors” list, the magazine asks thousands of licensed physicians from the 11-county Twin Cities metro area plus Olmsted County one question: “If you or a loved one needed medical care, which doctor would you recommend?” Respondents can nominate up to three doctors other than themselves. The providers who are named most often by their peers are selected for inclusion on the annual list.


“Our doctors have demonstrated their leadership time and again amid incredibly difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that our communities remain healthy,” said Fairview Health Services Chief Medical Officer Mark Welton. “We recognize the challenges they face doing their daily work and we are both proud and honored to see that commitment reflected by Minnesota Monthly Magazine.”


“We’re proud to have so many doctors recognized on this year’s list,” said Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH, CEO of M Physicians. “The fact that we have so many honorees from a wide breadth of specialties demonstrates that our system offers world-class care, no matter your healthcare need.”


Scroll down to see the complete list of Fairview, M Physicians, and Fairview Physician Associates doctors recognized in 2021 by Minnesota Monthly.

Addiction Medicine

Robert Levy, MD

Sheila Specker, MD

Sreejaya Veluvali, MD

Allergy & Immunology

Niladri Aichbhaumik, MD

Hiba Bashir, MD, FAAAAI

Gary Berman, MD

Paul Bigliardi, MD

Richard Bransford, MD

Nicole Chase, MD

Stephanie Fox, MD

Philip Halverson, MD

Douglas McMahon, MD

Hemalini Mehta, MD

Mee Lee Nelson, MD

Nancy Ott, MD

Aaron Pinion, DO, FAAAAI

Britta Sundquist, MD

Michael Wexler, MD

Cherie Zachary, MD

Yuriy Zgherea, MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI


Kumar Belani, MBBS, MS, FACA, FAAP

Brandon Davis, MD

Tjorvi Perry, MD, MMSC

Breast Surgery

Jane Hui, MD, MS

Diane Ogren, MD

Todd Tuttle, MD, MS


Matthew Ambrose, MD

Jason Bartos, MD, PhD

Stephen Battista, MD, FACC

Elizabeth Braunlin, MD, PhD

Rebecca Cogswell, MD, NNP

Erin Galbraith, MD

Steven Heifetz, MD, FACC

Gurumurthy Hiremath Mallikarjun, MD, MBBS, FACC

Thomas Johnson, MD

Forum Kamdar, MD, FACC

Jamie Lohr, MD

Cindy Martin, MD

Shanti Narasimhan, MD

Ganesh Raveedran, MD

Nathan Rodgers, MD, MHA

Julia Steinberger, MD, MS

Thenappan Thenappan, MD

Demetris Yannopoulos, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery

Aneel Damle, MD, MS, MBA

Wolfgang Gaertner, MD, MSC

Brett Gemlo, MD

Sarah Grahn, MD

Janet Lee, MD, MS

Ann Lowry, MD

Robert Madoff, MD

Genevieve Melton-Meaux, MD, PhD

Marc Osborne, MD

Michael Spencer, MD

Mark Sun, MD

Amy Thorsen, MD

Critical Care Medicine

Melissa Brunsvold, MD, FACS

Gwenyth Fischer, MD

Caroline George, MD

Sameer Gupta, MD

Brian Joy, MD

Jennifer Needle, MD, MPH

Kathryn Pendleton, MD

Ronald Reilkoff, MD

Miriam Shapiro, MD

Arif Somani, MD


Kathryn Barlow, MD

Kimberly Bohjanen, MD, FAAD

Christina Boull, MD, FAAD

Marisa Chapman, MD

Jeremy Cook, MD

Caleb Creswell, MD

Julie Cronk, MD

Ronda Farah, MD, FAAD

Noah Goldfarb, MD, FAAD

Kristen Hook, MD, FAAD

Jozef Lazar, MD

Jennifer Lee, MD

Nancy Leitch, MD

Rajneesh Madhok, MD

Sheilagh Maguiness, MD, FAAD

Ian Maher, MD

Daniel Miller, MD, FAAD

Jessica Morrell, MD

Ingrid Polcari, MD, FAAD

Malinee Saxena, MD

Joseph Shaffer, MD

Kristina Shaffer, MD

Mohiba Tareen, MD

Lydia Turnbull, MD

Brian Zelickson, MD

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Andrew Barnes, MD, MPH

Anjali Goel, MD

Katherine Murray, MD, MPH

Diagnostic Radiology

Tara Holm, MD

Benjamin Spilseth, MD

Emergency Medicine

Kimara Gustafson, MD, MPH

Endocrinology & Metabolism

Melena Bellin, MD

Lynn Burmeister, MD

Luiza Caramori, MD, PhD, MSC

Lisa Chow, MD, MS

Samar Malaeb, MD

Bradley Miller, MD, PhD

Antoinette Moran, MD

Brandon Nathan, MD

Kyriakie Sarafoglou, MD

Elizabeth Seaquist, MD

Mark Stesin, MD

Muna Sunni, MBBCh, MS

Family Medicine

Jihan Abbott, DO

Patricia Adam, MD, MSPH

John Berge, MD

Lori Bethke, MD

Nicole Chaisson, MD, MPH

Jon Hallberg, MD

Kathryn Justesen, MD

Andrew Slattengren, DO

Andrea Westby, MD

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Stuart Amateau, MD, PhD

Ramalingam Arumugam, MD

Nicholas Boetticher, MD

Paul Dambowy, MD

Nissa Erickson, MD

Martin Freeman, MD

Ibrahim Hanouneh, MD

Michelle Kennedy, MD

John Lake, MD

Catherine Larson-Nath, MD, CNSC

Samuel Leon, MD

Thomas Leventhal, MD

Nicholas Lim, MD

J. Shawn Mallery, MD

Robert McCabe, MD

Benjamin Mitlyng, MD

Peter Pico, MD

Federico Rossi, MD

Sarah Schwarzenberg, MD

Boris Sudel, MD

Julie Thompson, MD

Byron Vaughn, MD, MS

General Surgery

Robert Acton, MD

Greg Beilman, MD

Jeffrey Chipman, MD

Michael England, MD

Jorge Granja, MD

Donavon Hess, MD, PhD, MBA

Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD, MHA

Kamrun Jenabzadeh, MD

Steven Kern, MD

Matthew Kissner, MD, FACS

Michael Koeplin, MD

Nathaniel Kreykes, MD

Daniel Saltzman, MD, PhD

David Schmeling, MD

Bradley Segura, MD, PhD

John Shearen, MD

Joshua Short, MD, PhD

Patricia Valusek, MD

Sara Wildenberg, MD


Susan Berry, MD

Geriatric Medicine

Sara Loritz Cox, MD, MPH

Teresa McCarthy, MD, MS

James Pacala, MD, MS

Gynecologic Oncology

Peter Argenta, MD

Ann Casey, MD

Britt Erickson, MD

Melissa Geller, MD

Rahel Ghebre, MD

Amy McNally, MD

Sally Mullany, MD

Emily Prendergast, MD

Colleen Rivard Hunt, MD

Annie Tan, MD, PhD

Deanna Teoh, MD

Boris Winterhoff, MD

Hand Surgery

Deborah Bohn, MD

Michael Forseth, MD

Laura Koch, MD

Andrew Thomas, MD

Ann Van Heest, MD


Alex Boucher, MD

Marshall Mazepa, MD

Mark Reding, MD

Gregory Vercellotti, MD, FACP


Thomas Amatruda, MD 

Anne Blaes, MD

Stuart Bloom, MD, MSc

Christen Ebens, MD, MPH

Naomi Fujioka, MD

Emily Greengard, MD

Edward Greeno, MD

Ashish Gupta, MD, MPH

Emil Lou, MD, PhD, FACP

Christopher Moertel, MD

Joseph Neglia, MD, MPH

Manish Patel, DO

Karim Sadak, MD, MPH, MSE

Michaela Tsai, MD

Lucie Turcotte, MD, MHH

Brenda Weigel, MD, MSc

Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Drew Rosielle, MD

Hospital Medicine

Ryan Kelly, MD, MS

Jordan Marmet, MD

Brian Muthyala, MD, MPH

Andrew Olson, MD

Michael Pitt, MD

Bernard Trappey, MD

Infectious Disease

Peter Bornstein, MD, MBA

Steven Dittes, MD

Susan Kline, MD, MPH

Shane McAllister, MD, PhD

Laura Norton, MD, MS

Beth Thielen, MD

Jo-Anne Young, MD

Internal Medicine

Michael Aylward, MD, FACP

Bradley Benson, MD

Thomas Hauth, MD

Bhavjot Kaur, MD, FACP

Mary Logeais, MD

David Macomber, MD

Brian Sick, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Stephen Contag, MD

Sarah Cross, MD

Katherine Jacobs, DO

Dan Landers, MD, FACOG

Cresta Wedel Jones, MD

Yasuko Yamamura, MD

Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine

Catherine Bendel, MD

Sixto Guiang, MD

Erin Osterholm, MD

Sara Ramel, MD

Johannah Scheurer, MD


Mirna Boumitri, MD

Carl Dean, MD

James Gitter, MD

John Gray, MD

Sandeep Gupta, MD 

Scott McEwen, MD

Patrick Nachman, MD

Michelle Rheault, MD

Samy Riad, MD, MS

Kimberlee Thielen, MD

Orvin Visaya, MD


Irfan Altafullah, MD

Abigail Boetticher, MD

Amy Catalfamo, MD

Steven Janousek, MD

Georgios Manousakis, MD, FAAN

Abby Metzler, MD

Christopher Streib, MD

David Walk, MD


Elizabeth Bennett, MD, MS

Clark Chen, MD, PhD

Andrew Grande, MD

Daniel Guillaume, MD, MS

Matthew Hunt, MD

Ramachandra Tummala, MD, FRCS, FAANS

Andrew Venteicher, MD, PhD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Christy Boraas, MD, MPH

Amy Brown, MD

Lauren Callahan, MD, FACOG

Daniel Chow, MD

Suzanne Darnell, MD

Elizabeth Eckhardt, MD

Jennifer Flynn, DO

Rebecca French, MD

Samantha Hoffman, MD

Sarah Hutto, MD, MPH

Krista Olsen, MD

Carrie Terrell, MD, FACOG

Barbara Toppin, MD


Jill Anderson, MD

Raymond Areaux Jr., MD

Marshall Everson, MD

David Folden, MD

Andrew Harrison, MD

Alla Kelly, MD

Michael Lee, MD

Mark Lobanoff, MD

Collin McClelland, MD

Ali Mokhtarzadeh, MD

Scott Peterson, DO

Susan Quick, MD

Scott Schaefer, MD

Sasha Strul, MD

Scott Uttley, MD

George Wandling, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Elizabeth Arendt, MD

Jonathan Braman, MD

Paul Cammack, MD

Edward Cheng, MD

Dennis Clohisy, MD

Johannes Coetzee, MD

Alicia Harrison, MD, MS

Christie Heikes, MD

Jeffrey Macalena, MD

Bradley Nelson, MD

Owen O'Neill, MD

Lance Silverman, MD

Julie Switzer, MD


Meredith Adams, MD, MS

Gregory Barth, MD

Eric Becken, MD

Holly Boyer, MD

Karin Evan, MD

Kristin Gendron, MD

Geoffrey Getnick, MD

Matthew Griebie, MD

David Hamlar, MD, DDS

Luke Jakubowski, MD

Nissim Khabie, MD

Sobia Khaja, MD

Samir Khariwala, MD

Stephanie Misono, MD, MPH

Inell Rosario, MD

Robert Silver, MD

Angela Vong, MD

Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH

Pain Management

Vasudha Goel, MD

Clarence Shannon IV, MD


Emilian Racila, MD


Emily Borman-Shoap, MD

Stella Evans, MD

Meghan Harney, MD

Vicki Oster, MD

Cuong Pham, MD

Katie Sadak, MD

Lori Skallerud, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiatry)

Jason Holgers, DO

Farha Ikramuddin, MD, MPH

Jennifer Kendall Thomas, DO

Frank Wei, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Marie-Claire Buckley, MD

Umar Choudry, MD

Garrett Griffin, MD

Valerie Lemaine, MD, MPH

Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD

Stephanie Peng, MD

David Ruebeck, MD

Timothy Schaefer, MD

Christopher Tolan, MD


Joseph Schuster, DPM

Troy Vargas, DPM


Afshan Anjum, MD

Raghu Gandhi, MBBS, MD

Sophia Vinogradov, MD


H. Erhan Dincer, MD

Jordan Dunitz, MD

Hyun Joo Kim, MD

Rita Patel, MD

Radiation Oncology

L. Chinsoo Cho, MD, MS

Kathryn Dusenbery, MD

Michael Haley, DO

Kurt Nisi, MD

Christopher Wilke, MD, PhD

Jianling Yuan, MD, PhD


Zuzan Cayci, MD

Jerry Froelich, MD

Michael Murati, MD

David Nascene, MD

Mark Veldman, MD

Sara Veldman, MD


Bryce Binstadt, MD, PhD

Danielle Bullock, MD, MPH

Colleen Correll, MD

Patricia Hobday, MD

Jerry Molitor, MD, PhD

Erik Peterson, MD

Mona Riskalla, MD, MS

Richard Vehe, MD

Sleep Disorders

Tereza Cervenka, MD

Audrey Gurule

Michael Howell, MD

Conrad Iber, MD

Sports Medicine

Amy Beacom, MD

Heather Bergeson, MD

David Jewison, MD

Sarah Kinsella, MD, CAQ

David Olson, MD

Maria Ryan, MD

Dave Smith, DO

Steven Stovitz, MD

Thoracic Surgery

Rafael Andrade, MD

Amit Bhargava, MD

Matthew Graczyk, MD

Ilitch Diaz Gutierrez

Stephen Huddleston, MD, PhD

Louis Jacques, MD

Ranjit John, MD

Rosemary Kelly, MD

Madhuri Rao, MD

Rochus Voeller, MD

Transplant Surgery

Srinath Chinnakotla, MD

Vanessa Humphreville, MD

Raja Kandaswamy, MD, MBA

Varvara Kirchner, MD


Rahel Nardos, MD, MCR


J. Kyle Anderson, MD

Sean Elliott, MD

Cynthia Fok, MD, MPH

Amy Hou, MD

J. Karl Kemberling, MD

Christopher Knoedler, MD

Jane Lewis, MD

Aaron Milbank, MD

Nissrine Nakib, MD

Anthony Polcari, MD

Dean Tortorelis, MD, FACS

David Vandersteen, MD

Christopher Warlick, MD, PhD

Katie Willihnganz-Lawson, MD

Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Siobhan Flanagan, MD

Jafar Golzarian, MD

Andrew Hartigan, MD

Michael Rosenberg, MD

Shamar Young, MD